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Our intuitive balloon creator makes it easy for you to design unique personalized balloons for any occasion. Whether editing from a mobile device or desktop computer, this page will answer all of your questions about creating beautiful balloons for your celebrations!

How to use the balloon creator:

Step 1: Choose your balloon frame or background color by clicking the Balloon Product button.

Step 2: Upload your photo or logo by clicking the Upload Image button and selecting a file from your device. You can resize the image using the arrows in the bottom right corner of the image selection on the balloon. The other corners have additional editing options.

Step 3: Add a message to your balloon design by clicking the Add Text button. Type in your message and use the editing tools to change the font, color, and effects for your message. Click the X in the text editing box to see how it looks on the balloon. To make additional edits, double click the text or select the text and click the Edit Text button again.

Step 4: Choose your order quantity for the balloon design with the Quantity button. You can also change the quantity for each design in the shopping cart.

Step 5: When you have finalized your balloon design, click the Add to Cart button.

Helpful Tips:

Disappearing Text: As you add images or text to the balloon, they will be added in layers on top of each other. So, if you add text and then upload a photo, the text will disappear because it will be underneath the photo. If this happens, you can move images or text so they appear above or underneath each other. Do this by selecting the image or text and then click the gear icon and select the Above or Under option.

Zoom In/Out: If you upload an image and the dimensions of the photo make it impossible to see the corners for editing, use the Zoom Out tool in the bottom right corner of the creator to view more of the art board.

Editing From the Shopping Cart: You can edit your design after adding a product to the shopping cart. Simply click “Edit” in the shopping cart, make your edits in the creator, and click Add to Cart.

If you experience any issues or need additional help, Contact Us.