Taking Care Takes Time. We’ve implemented special procedures as we work to keep our teams – and you – safe, so shipping of orders may be delayed. Currently, all orders ship from our location in Kansas on Friday each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information

Your balloon will not be inflated when you receive it. You can inflate the balloon(s) with air or helium.

Q. Are the balloons inflated?

A. No, the balloons arrive flat and will need to be inflated with air or helium.

Q. What type of balloons do you print?

A. We print on high-quality long-lasting foil balloons.

Q. What size are the balloons?

A. The balloons are 18" in diameter.

Q. Can I order just one balloon?

A. Yes, we can print just 1 balloon or as many balloons as you would like.

Q. How are the balloons delivered?

A. Up to 5 balloons are delivered in an envelope. More than 5 balloons are delivered in multiple envelopes or a box.

Q. How long do they take to arrive?

A. 3-5 business days but you will receive an email indicating when your order has been fulfilled.

Q. I need to change the address details. Can I do this after the order has been confirmed?

A. Yes, we are more than happy to change the address. However we can only do this as long as the balloon has not been shipped.

Q. I need to change the balloon design, photo or text is this possible?

A. We can only change the balloon design, photo or text if it has not been printed. Please email us@myballoon.com with your order ID and request to check.